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Customized Solutions Built From Your Goals

The idea of implementing Salesforce can be intimidating—what with the endless possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to start. But here’s the thing…you don’t have to! Our experts are business process & solution architects that develop custom Salesforce solutions based on your business goals. And our outcome-oriented development, design, and collaboration processes really work. But don’t take our word for it—see what’s possible for yourself!

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Our combined years of experience in consulting have empowered our team to craft a unique process that covers what it should and nothing it shouldn’t. Predictable steps, realistic options, and clear expectations lead to glowing customer stories like yours! Our wealth of technical direction, warm values, and focus on relationships ensures your business’s cup is filled.

Our Special Sauce

Our Solution Process


This is all about getting to know you—your desired outcomes, what you want to achieve and how Salesforce can be leveraged to achieve those outcomes. No assumptions, lots of notes, anticipating obstacles and getting on the same page will help ensure that your short and long-term goals are met.


This step is all about transparency—us, gaining a clear understanding of your current tools and processes, what’s working and what’s not, and you, gaining a clear understanding of our implementation costs, timelines and business impact. At SETGO, we believe in mitigating surprises upfront. 


This step puts the system you envisioned into clear vision—before you sign off on the final build of your system. At SETGO, we believe in collaboration. During the design stage, we work closely with you to ensure your system is designed to your needs before we dive into development.


This step is all about engagement—building momentum and getting your team excited about using Salesforce, training them on individual elements and functionality and helping your executive team see their return on investment start to pay off. At SETGO, we act as your guides during each critical phase to ensure your team is as successful as possible.


This step is all about fluid communication—we involve key stakeholders from your team in pertinent meetings to ensure visibility into the progress of your system’s development. At SETGO, we believe in having consistent meetings to maintain a steady flow of communication and system review. You stay updated, we stay aligned and everyone stays happy!

Ongoing Support

Like a good friend that you can catch up with quickly, whether it’s been days, weeks or years since you’ve seen each other, we’re here to provide ongoing support, training and system updates as you need them. Call us anytime! At SETGO, we act as a resource to our customers throughout their business lifetime. Because much like you’re invested in us, we are invested in YOU.

5 gold stars

SETGO has been an amazing partner in the first steps of this process. Not only did they take the time to understand our business and really dig deep into what we needed as an organization, they did it in a fun and enjoyable way. I can't recommend SETGO enough.

5 gold stars

SETGO was a valuable, honest, and easy-to-work with partner. When they ran into an issue, they were very upfront about the challenge and diligently worked through the problem.

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