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The Setgo Team

Let Us Lead Your Salesforce Evolution

At SETGO Partners, we know that Salesforce success isn’t just about technological solutions—it’s about moving your business’s desired future state to the present. Our transparent & holistic approach will ensure your team gets to play to their strengths while Salesforce takes care of the rest.

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Why SETGO is Your Business’s Way Forward

Common Challenges, Uncommon Results

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“I have no insights into our sales pipeline!”

Imagine a world where you have crystal-clear visibility into your sales pipeline, and all those tedious reports are magically automated. Say goodbye to never-ending email chains and boring Zoom calls that drain your energy. SETGO Partners is here to save the day, bringing you a system that replaces the email that replaces the Zoom call with actionable insights related to your sales pipeline.

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“My sales team is still using pen and paper to track customer interactions.”

Get ready to bid farewell to the old-fashioned yellow notepad! Say hello to SETGO Partners, your ultimate ally in banishing those tedious manual tracking processes from your operation. With SETGO by your side, your team can finally shift their attention to what truly matters: building relationships and skyrocketing sales growth!

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“How can we pair tech with creative to reach our marketing and sales goals?”

We're all about those "holistic business solutions" vibes! Our clients deserve nothing less than powerful, integrated solutions that take them to new heights. And that's where SETGO Partners comes in! We're here to be your trusty sidekick, helping you blend the awesomeness of your Salesforce CRM with top-notch marketing automation technology.

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“Our data is all over the place—we need a central hub!”

Picture this: your data all in one place, singing in perfect harmony. No more jumping between different systems or feeling like you're lost in a data maze. SETGO Partners will sweep in like a data superhero, making sure everything is organized, squeaky clean, and ready to unleash its full potential!

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“My teams have no idea what the other is doing.”

A well built Salesforce environment brings sales, marketing and operations teams together like a good charcuterie board on game day. SETGO Partners has helped misaligned teams everywhere get on the same program creating operational efficiencies & collaboration.

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“How do we stay on top of our customers’ minds?”

No more missing out on important opportunities to connect with your customers. We'll help you prioritize those relationships like never before, making sure you're there at every step of their journey. Together, we'll create a customer experience that's so engaging, they won't be able to resist shouting your name from the rooftops!

Collaboration Fosters Technical Innovation

When you invest in SETGO, SETGO invests in YOU

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A Salesforce investment is an investment in your business’s future.

When you make SETGO Partners your solution people, we are committed to seeing you through all the ebbs and flows of your story. We are here for the evolution of your business—as guides, partners, and your #1 allies. 

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We’re on the Same Team

What’s our special sauce? We aren’t just a bunch of techies—we have an uncommon blend of technical expertise and business development savvy. This combo leads to unique solutions with a notably high customer satisfaction score.

One Team: SETGO + You

When you invest in SETGO Partners, you invest in one team. Reap the benefits of streamlined communication, enhanced productivity, and thoughtful collaboration.

The Realistic Optimists

We rarely leave a call without sharing a fun anecdote, whether it’s weather small talk or updates on the sporting season. We also NEVER leave a call without being 100% transparent. That’s what makes collaboration with our team strong.

Screens of the SetGo Process

Our Process is Designed for Your Success

We’ll never recommend something you don’t need, and our unique project-scoping process really works

A screen showing the SetGo process

Salesforce implementations fail for avoidable reasons—these are the top watch-outs:

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CRM is built in a silo

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to be authentically connected. When CRMs are built in a silo, this usually stems from a lack of cross-divisional input and processes or instigators of the CRM being a part of siloed teams. SETGO can help your leadership team recognize gaps you didn’t even know existed! Salesforce connects teams in the most important ways, but when those foundational elements are missing, so is the ROI. 

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User adoption is low or a no-go

Technology should make things easier, allowing your team to focus on what they do best and automating the rest. When your team fails to see the value of system usage, they struggle to use it and the system gets ghosted!  SETGO focuses on overcoming cultural resistance to change, training inadequacies and helps to build simplified user interfaces that support the day to day needs of your users leading to positive adoption outcomes for your team. 

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There is no ongoing training

Once you implement Salesforce, it should be a part of your business’s life story—past, present, and future. To make sure of it, you have to invest in ongoing training and support. Invest in employee training, nurture your technology development, and watch your greatest business relationship unfold!

If your mom could set you up with the best

Salesforce partner, she’d choose SETGO — trust us to be your solution provider.

5 gold stars

SETGO has and continues to be the best implementation partner we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Knowledgeable, insightful, and efficient, the entire team feels more like an extension of our company than some external resource. I would never look anywhere else for our Salesforce implementation and buildout needs.

5 gold stars

SETGO is an incredible partner with excellent attention to detail and a passion for delivering for its customers. Great sales, account, integration, and technical teams. I would recommend it to anyone needing Salesforce work done.

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